Solar building is state of the art for residential housing. In order to pave the way for energy savings and utilizing solar energy in non residential buildings the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) has established a support programme called "Energy Optimized Building", known as SolarBau for short. In subsection 3, SolarBau supports the planning and evaluation of demonstration projects. Different, project-specific teams work independently on a demonstration project from the planning to the evaluation stage.

SolarBau : MONITOR as the related accompanying project, documents ("Projects") and analyses ("Analysis" in German language) these projects on a common platform and creates a project forum ("Kommunikation"). Furthermore, the contents will contribute to new teaching materials for university courses ("Education" in German language). To this end, SolarBau MONITOR utilizes the findings of the individual demonstration projects and thus the output of the respective project teams.

More information on the SolarBau support programme and the content of the SolarBau : MONITOR accompanying research can be found under ("Promotion" in German language). Most of the internet service is offered in German language only but basic information on each of the demonstration projects ("Projects" see above) is offered in English and French too.

SolarBau:MONITOR is a cooperation project between: